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  1. Is it possible to order printed circuit boards (PCB) mit UL-certification?
    Yes, we maintain contacts to various higly qualified and certified manufacturers of PCBs. The boards available in the online calculation are all carried out with UL-compliant base materials. An explicite labelling with UL-number and/or manufacturer tag is not included though. Should you require UL-labelling, it is possible at a surcharge. This label is included in large-scale series from China.

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  2. When is the UL-certification required?
  3. What is checked during the E-Test?
  4. What does the abbrevation FR mean concerning base material for PCBs?
  5. What different types of FR materials exist?
  6. What does the abbrevation „Tg“ stand for concerning base materials?
  7. What is Via-filling?
  8. What is masking lacquer or peelable mask?
  9. Are chemical nickel-gold and hard gold the same?
  10. What is the difference between Basic Gerber and Extended Gerber?
  11. What are aperture lists?
  12. From where does the term „aperture list“ derive?
  13. Are hard gold, connector strip gold and galvanic gold the same?
  14. Are legend print, silk print, mounting print and position print the same?
  15. What is packaging?
  16. What is nibbling?
  17. What does HAL stand for?
  18. What is a cauterisation allowance?
  19. What are unrouted traces or air wires?
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  20. What signifies the CTI-value?
  21. What are the CTI-values of different base materials?
  22. What is the Epsilon (ɛ) value?
  23. How does sea-air-freight work?
  24. What do the international abbrevations FOB, CIF, DDU etc. stand for?
  25. What is the customs number (TARIC-code) for unassembled PCBs?
  26. What are buried vias?
  27. What are blind vias?
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