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Special technologies

LeitOn Special Technologies

Besides our online calculation with mostly standardised printed circuit board types we do offer a wide range of special technologies. Sometimes, these special technologies simply base on standard PCBs and come as an "upgrade" that need special care an manufacturing capabilities. Working with uncommon and special materials in printed circuit board production is one of our strengths. Following, you can find a range of special technologies and projects, starting from stainless-steel multilayers, copper-core heat-sing PCBs, semi-flexible printed circuits, aluminium IMS PCBs and much more . In case you have any questions or requirements that exceed below projects, please do not hesitate to contact us. Challenge us!

  • Rigid-flex-circuits

    Rigid-Flexible Printed Circuits (RFPCB)

    are PCBs which combine conventional "rigid" circuit boards with flexible parts. A rigid-flexible PCB (RFPCB) can therefore replace several rigid PCBs which otherwise would have to be connected by cables. 
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  • Semi-Flexible Printed Circuits

    Semi-Flexible Printed Circuits

    With simple depth-milling a standard printed circuit board can be prepared for flexible installations. So called "semi-flexible" printed circuits are offering a cost-efficient solution.
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  • 400µm Copper PCBs

    400µm Copper PCBs

    Printed circuits with double sided 400µm copper are without doubt the king of high-copper-clad PCBs. Using such massive copper cladding you can use high currents on your PCB without challenging putting strain on your electronics.
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  • IMS-Aluminium-PCBs


    Aluminium-PCBs, or IMS printed circuits („Insulated Metal Substrate“) offer cost-efficient solution to manage the heat for high-performance LED-technology or transistor-electronics . Today, IMS-PCBs can exceed 1 layer and aluminium can be integrated in standard double-sided or even multilayer printed circuit boards.
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  • Endless-Snake Flexible Printed Circuits

    Endless-Snake Flexible Printed Circuits

    Using a smart „snake“-layout trick and pre-applied 3M double side-adhesive, one can design easy to assemble, meter-long flexible pritned circuits. LED-stripes or extremely long connectors can be realised cheaply without questioning producibility or deviating from normal production standards.
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  • Half-Open Edges PCBs

    Half-Open Edges PCBs

    The higher level of plated edges is the so called half-open technology for printed circuits. Plated drills are cut in half on the outline of the PCB so that the shape appears like a stamp.
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  • Copper-Core Heat-Sink-PCBs

    Copper-Core Heat-Sink-PCBs

    Into a 4,2mm thick stack-up we have implemented two 1,8mm solid-copper-cores with additional heat-sink-blind-vias. In between, complex signal layers are running just like on a standard 4-layer multilayer PCB. This is a combination of a complex multilayer layout and high-performance heat-management.
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  • Stainless-Steel Multilayer PCBs

    Stainless-Steel Multilayer PCBs

    For perfect shielding of coils in a printed circuit we included a 0,3mm stainless steel plate into a 9-layer-hybrid-multilayer. Furthermore, the final thickness and layer distance of this stack-up had to be extremely accurate, because the later stainless steel housing would be interacting from the other side, putting the coils into a shielding "sandwich".
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