Why do I need black FR4?

Sondertechnologie schwarzes FR4

Apart from its simply "cool look" with its black appearance (also the edges) it is often important to keep away light from sensitive components. This is especially important for some sensors. Shielding light may also be achieved by applying black solder mask but you have to remember that due to the solder mask clearance there are significant areas on the PCB which are not covered by this black mask. So light may penetrate the PCB and can get through in tiny amounts. Depending on the sensitivity of your application and its sensor, you might consider black FR4 to avoid this potential problem. Only black FR4 is completely opaque and does not let any light through.

How are black FR4 material characterisitcs?

Black FR4 is compareable to standard FR4. The material itself has a UL certificate but the finished PCB does not, because LeitOn did not qualify this black FR4 in the UL production process. It has a standard TG of 130°C. Processing and design rules are the same like for any standard printed circuit board. 

Sondertechnologie schwarzes FR4
Sondertechnologie schwarzes FR4

Is black FR4 material on stock at LeitOn?

Yes, standard thicknesses of black FR4 are on stock. Special thicknesses can be purchased on short notice.

Black FR4 stock items are:

Material thicknessFinal coppercharacteristic
0,60 mm 35µm FR4 black, TG130°C
1,00 mm 35µm FR4 black, TG130°C
1,55 mm 35µm FR4 black, TG130°C

Black FR4 is also available as mass production from China. If you are interested we can send you some samples for evaluation. Pleaseknow that we can also build multilayers with black inner layers but the prepreg is convemntional. This will make the multilayer opaque but the outer appearance will not be totally black due to beige prepreges on the outer layers. 

Are there other colours than black?

Yes and no. There are other colours available (red, blue, yellow etc.) but these lack any technical purpose and are only design objects. Therefore, availability is low and prices are very high. We do not offer other colours and recommend to use coloured solder mask for design effects instead. 

Please enquire your black FR4 PCBs by email.

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