PCB series
PCB series and assembled series with service-oriented, flexible logistics, on-call warehouse and frame orders

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PCB series and assembled series with service-oriented, flexible logistics

Our own branch in China has been operating since 2004 with a small, selected network of long-term series manufacturers. Sample quantities for series release are possible at any time from the series factories.

All projects are managed from Berlin by a local team on site in order to achieve reproducible and reliable quality standards. The on-site presence ensures safety through individual quality tests, audits, training and direct influence on production, testing and logistics.

There are various delivery options to choose from. In addition to air and sea freight, we organize split orders to quickly transport required quantities by air freight and load the other part onto cheap sea freight - with a single, transparent price. From the Berlin logistics center, we organize 1AT call orders or framework agreements, buffer and interim storage for maximum flexibility and security. Series from German production are also possible.

Short Facts:
  • Exact transfer of technical data from samples to series production
  • LeitOn in China since 2004
  • Entire circuit board spectrum FR4, flex, rigid-flex, IMS and more
  • Technical advice from Berlin
  • Data preparation in Berlin, only production data to the factory
  • On-demand, frame and consignment logistics
PCB series production also from Germany!

LeitOn Electronics - Final Quality Check

All printed circuit boards from China and assemblies manufactured in our own assembly facility, LeitOn Electronics, undergo inspection in our ISO9001 certified final quality control in ZhongShan (FQC = Final Quality Check) according to German specifications. The FQC serves two purposes: to inspect and package unpopulated printed circuit boards from partner facilities in China according to German specifications, and to subject independently manufactured assemblies to comprehensive functional tests. The on-site team is regularly trained according to the IPC-600 and IPC-610 acceptance criteria, the global standard for quality inspection of printed circuit boards and assemblies

Upon request, additional special tests with measuring and analysis machines or specially manufactured test adapters beyond standard E-tests are possible. Special packaging requests can be accommodated through our Berlin team for each project. You are welcome to audit our FQC at any time.

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Short Facts:
  • Printed circuit boards 100% inspected in our own on-site QC
  • German inspection standards in China with a local team
  • Special inspections and packaging options available
  • Cross-sectional images, measurement, and test reports
  • 100% inspection and high AQL standards
  • IPC-A-600 & IPC-A-610 acceptance criteria
  • Comprehensive, modern testing equipment
  • ISO9001 certified
Contact persons
Sascha Kappel
Technical Sales
+49 (0)30 701 73 49 26
Igor Sandara
Technical Sales
+49 (0)30 701 73 49 24
Mario Gehrau
Technology Manager
+49 (0)30 701 73 49 20

Series from Asia (Rigid)

Printed circuit boards from China are manufactured in strictly monitored production facilities. Our German-Chinese auditing teams ensure the highest standards and European quality guidelines. In addition to the main factory, we have additional facilities with specific strengths. This allows optimal prices for special projects and large series. Long-term partnerships of over 15 years and a presence in China since 2006 ensure smooth processes.

All deliveries go to our Chinese branch. Quality controls, adjustments to customer requirements, and documentation take place there. Thanks to our close relationship with Asian partners, we are open to new materials and technologies based on customer requests. In collaboration with our Berlin headquarters, we offer diverse delivery options.

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Short Facts:
  • Selection of verified production facilities
  • Additional quality control at our branch LeitOn Electronics, ZhongShan
  • Long-standing personal partnerships
  • Price optimization through diversification
  • Certified quality (UL, ISO, IATF)
  • Special technologies and materials
  • Delivery by air, sea, rail, or combination

Series from Asia (Flex & Rigid-Flex)

All flex printed circuit boards (FPC) are manufactured in a specifically designed facility in Asia. While flex in Europe is often a "by-product" of conventional "rigid" PCB manufacturers, here all machines and processes are precisely adjusted to flexible boards. This allows for significantly higher quality and precision than is possible in Germany.

As we have been successfully collaborating with this facility for over 15 years, we can implement various special requests. New technologies have been introduced here at the initiative of our customers, including projects for medical applications (inside the body) with the highest requirements.

In recent years, there has been a strong investment in the area of rigid-flex printed circuit boards.

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Short Facts:
  • Specialized Flex Facility
  • Confirmed Top Quality
  • Competitive Prices
  • Prototypes and Series from One Facility
  • Largest Variety of Materials and Technologies
  • Long-standing Partnership
  • Affordable Special Technologies
  • Extensive Rigid-Flex Offering
Climate-neutral operation
since 2021
  • CO2 neutral through compensation
  • Circuit boards – green on the outside, also on the inside
Member of the Fachverband Elektronik-Design
  • Expertise through active exchange
  • Expertise through training and further education
ISO tested by the most renowned auditor in Germany
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management
UL approvals for various types of circuit boards
  • UL for rigid FR4 PCBs
  • UL for flexible circuit boards
  • UL for aluminum IMS boards