Calculate & Order PCBs online!

 Calculate & Order PCBs online! You are looking for a reliable Printed Circuit Board supplier who supplies more than just good quality PCBs?

You enjoy to be treated with highest priority, no matter if with PCB enquiries or orders? You like to be taken care of your issues rigth away by personal and friendly partners?

Then you are in the right place. LeitOn offers you more than "just" Printed Circuit Boards. Count on best service!...

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PCB mass production PCB mass production LeitOn Hong Kong Ltd. there for you in China - PCBs & Assembly (PCBA) On time or for free On time or for free PCB LeitOn-express-service with date guarantee

PCB Price examples (Price per PCB, incl. VAT)

Prototypes 160x100mm, incl. Solder Mask
Medium quantity

Made in Germany

Since the establishment of LeitOn GmbH in 2004, all rigid PCB prototypes and small batches of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) ordered with express service in the online calculation are 100% produced in Germany.

We have reliable partners for PCB assembly (PCBA), Research & Development (R&D) and PCB mass production. During the first five years LeitOn GmbH had the opportunity to convince over 3.000 customers of their high quality products & services and lower prices. LeitOn is DIN EN ISO9001:2000 certified

And many more options for your Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)...

Calculate and order PCB prototypes and small PCB batches online!

Calculate PCBs with many customized options online - low price PCBs in industrial quality.

PCBs Made in Germany! Calculate your own quote and order directly, or download and print it within seconds for your reference.

• Layers: 1- to 8-layers with unlimited drills
• Surface finish: HAL lead free, imm. tin, imm. gold,
• Copper thickness: 35µm or 70µm
• Material thickness: 0,5 up to 2,4mm
• Special Options: 0,20mm drills, blind vias, peelable mask, etc.
• Lead time: 1- and 2layer PCB start at 12 hours Express! Multilayer-PCBs in 3 working days!

And many more options for your Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)...

Calculate Medium Volume PCBs Online

Calculate and order PCBs up to a total area of 4m² online.

Save time and money not only with our prototype PCBs but also with our online calculation for medium volume PCBs! 1- up to 6-layers PCBs within 12 working days or up to 2,5m² total area within 5 working days "Made in Germany".

More about the online calculation of medium quantity Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)...

Flexible Printed Circuit Boards (FPC)

The use of flexible Printed Circuit Boards (Flex PCBs / FPC) is the best choice for moving applications and thin devices where flexibility, weight and space matter.

Due to the production experience of millions of printers and mobile phones per year, the Asian flexible PCB producers are far ahead in terms of quality and price of flexible Printed Circuit Boards (Flex PCBs). Take advantage of this and order your Flexible Printed Circuit Boards -FPCs quickly produced and at a low price. For ordering Flexible PCB Prototypes you can use our convenient online calculation.

More about Flexible Printed Circuit Boards (FPC) calculation...

SMD - Stencils for your PCBs

For a lean sourcing structure, take advantage of buying PCB related tools together with the Printed Circuit Boards together.

In the online calculation, you can order SMD stencils for your Printed Circuit Boards (PCB). The PCBs can arrive with your stencil so that you save time and money.

More about SMD stencils for your PCBs...

12-hours Express Service for PCBs! On time or for FREE!!!

1- and 2-layer PCBs can be produced within 12 hours! 4- to 8-layers Multilayer PCBs can be manufactured within 2 working days.

And this is guaranteed! If we cannot ship out your express services on time you will receive the Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) for free!

More about the PCB LeitOn Express Services...

PCB Special Technologies

Besides standard PCBs and its options, we also offer a wide range of highly sophisticated and innovative PCB production technologies (HF, ALU, High-Current, High-Tg).

Thick copper for high current application PCBs, PCBs with aluminum core or aluminium carrier for perfect hotspot reduction, high temperature PCB materials and PCBs for high frequency applications.

More about the special technology PCBs...

PCB Assembly (PCBA) for your mass production

We can assemble your PCBs to produce highly sophisticated devices.

We offer a fast quotation lead time and PCB mass production assembly 1000 parts up - Including metal and injection parts for housings or mechanical parts.

More about the PCB assembly (PCBA)...

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