Tool for calculation of heat transmission
and temperatures of aluminum printed circuits (PCB)

This tool calculates heat transmission of components on aluminum based printed circuits (PCB).

For this calculation the size of the heat emitting component and its heating power are required. Both is usually mentioned in technical data sheets of the component. You may choose any value for copper, aluminum and prepreg characteristics or you refer to the list of standardized components from LeitOn below.

Calculation of heat transmission for aluminum printed circuits
(PCBs with heat emitting components)
mm2 (of heat emitting component)
W (of component)

Thickness of substrates


Thermal conductivity

= W/mK
= W/mK
= W/mK


* No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information.

Note: the smaller the temperature difference, the better the heat transmission capabilities of the selected aluminum PCB stack-up are.

Please consider that an exact calculation of thermal transmissions depends on several other factors which cannot be considered in a simplified tool. These factors mainly derive from the layout design such as copper distribution, component alignment or geometric shapes of the heat emitting component. Thus, this tool only offer a guidance and its results may differ from actual measurements.

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Name Isolation thickness (prepreg) [µm] Thermal conductivity (prepreg) [W/mK] Available copper thickness [µm] Available aluminum thickness [mm] Remarks
Polytherm TC-Lam 1.31001,335, 701,0; 1,5; 2,0;available online
Polytherm TC-Lam 3.01003,035; 701,0; 1,5; 2,0available online
Berqquist HT752,235; 70; 1051,5; 2,0only partly on stock, only 1 layer, high cost
Berqquist MP751,335; 70; 1051,5only partly on stock, only 1 layer, high cost
CAF Aluminium-2L100; 1501,3; 2,0; 3,035; 701,0; 1,5; 2,0on stock, plated through, mass production or prototypes

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