PCB express production

PCB express production

The LeitOn PCB express production for Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) for 1-layer PCBs starts at 12 hours! This is possible, including solder mask when the PCB contains an average number of drills.

The PCB express production for single sided Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) has the following critical parameters:

  • including solder mask (without solder mask even about 2 hours faster)
  • average number of drills >0,5mm (PCBs with too small drills cannot be drilled in packages. Depending on the quantity of the PCB express production more than one drilling process are required.)
  • The design rules (DRC)of the layouts have to be met so the CAM preparation of the PCB layout can be done quickly. The PCB structures can then be plotted on the film within minutes.
  • Simple PCB outlines and no inner routings with a minimum tool size of 2,0mm. This cuts the production time due to faster routing speed and the possibility to use packages (more PCBs stacked together at one time). If smaller routing tools are used, packaging is not possible and the tool is moving much slower.
  • The surface finish of the PCBs has a big influence on the time of PCB express production. Immersion processes take much longer (e.g. immersion tin or immersion gold) than HAL lead-free. For PCB express production we recommend HAL lead-free surface (Hot Air Leveling).
  • The quantity. Depending on the PCB area different quantities are possible. If all requirements mentioned above are met, we can finish your single sided PCB express production up to a total area of 20dm² within 12 hours.
  • The same area of double sided PCB express production takes about 18 hours, including solder mask.

Feasibility of PCB express production for Printed Circuit Boards depends on the layout design itself.

Reliability from Berlin. We are faster and cheaper - Ask for our PCB express production for your Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).

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