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Chinese New Year 2017


Dear Customer,

During chinese new year, all production plants in china are closed about 3-4 weeks. This concerns our long time services for flex pcbs (12, 17 an 22 WD) and for MSeries (15WD, 12WD available as TurboSeries with reduced options) and our „SparFix“ stencil for 29€.

For orders between 06.01. and 10.02:

Prototypes rigid:

Normal, no restrictions


Normal, no restrictions


Normal, no restrictions

Mseries rigid:

All fast services (12 working days and faster) are available. Longer services (15 WD) will be available at 13th of february. Surface Gold and additional is not available over the website-calculation. It is possible with surcharge on request.

Flex pcbs:

All fast services (9WD and faster) are available. Long time services are not available, the possible leadtime is shown in the calculation and regularly updated. 22WD is available at 27th of january, 17WD and 12WD each one week later.


LeitOnSparFix stencil for 29€ is not available from January 13 until February 03. All other stencils are available all time.

For questions, please feel free to contact us at:
Tel.: 030 - 701 73 49 -0