Track heating calculation of printed circuits
and diagram generation according to electric current.

This tool helps to determine track width and required copper thickness on printed circuit boards with high current applications.

First, layer quantity and assumed copper thickness must be filled in. Then you can choose which of the three variables should be calculated: current, track width or temperature difference.

Note temperature difference always adds up on the surrounding temperature. This temperature difference is purely the generated heat due to current flow inside the copper track.

Track heating calculation tool for printed circuits


* Despite careful assessment there can no responsibility be taken for the correctness of any results. The commercial use and forwarding of created diagrams is permitted when referencing copy rights.


Select "track width" to determine it as the unknown. Type in the value "50" for temperature difference and "3" for current. Click create chart. The chart shows how to adjust temperature or current in case the calculated track width is not suitable. In case you realize that your track width is restricted in width you may choose "temeprature difference" as the unknown to see how much it will heat up.

In some cases you may also opt for an increase in copper thickness to allow more current through the trace at a certain heating. In this case, please refer to the minimum track width allowed for each copper thickness. For printed circuits from LeitOn these minimum track widths are listed under "technology".

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