PCB Weight Calculation
Calculate weight, volume, area and shipping cost for your PCB project. The ultimate planer-tool for purchaser and logistic managers!

Calculation of printed circuits weight for standard boards, multilayer and aluminum PCBs

Weight calculation printed circuits (PCB)

This tool helps you to calculate weight, area, volume and freigth cost for several types of printed circuit boards (PCBs). Material thickness, copper thickness, material type and layer quantity are all adjustable.

Fill in your PCB's characteristics like size, substrate thickness and layer quantity to get the total area, weight and volume calculated. Optional, you may type in a freight cost per kilo gram in case you are going to forward the PCBs.

Tool - PCB Weight Calculation
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* No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information.

Note: The copper density of your PCBs may account for a significant share of the weight. You can adjust this value by changing the percentage. All calculations are based on the specific weight for a rectangular printed circuit. In case you need assistance, you can at any time.

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