PCB Express Service

PCB Express Service

The history of PCB express service in the Printed Circuit Board industry is as old as the PCB itself. In Berlin Andus GmbH was once the only company offering express PCB production.

Today Andus GmbH has grown to a High-Tech company. Advantages of PCB express services not limited to the customer who receives PCBs in a shorter time. The PCB production company itself also benifits from the service. Besides the financial gains for the PCB manufacturer, it also aquires know-how because of the high accuracy and perfect production required during the enitre process. This capabilities are cruicial for the manufacturer´s development. Only then is a PCB production capable to ensure on time delivery in a more and more sophisticated PCB market. Quality and process optimization are the most important requirements for PCB LeitOn express service.

With LeitOn GmbH, you have a fast and reliable partner, experienced in PCB express service. We produce your single sided PCBs within 12 hours, double-sided PCBs within 18 hours, and multilayer PCBs within 24 hours. For further information please send us an email and we will provide you a quote for your PCB LeitOn express service right away.

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