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PCB production

PCB production

The industrial PCB production is a complex process, involving mechanical, galvanic, chemical, and photo-sensitive processes.

PCB production requires far reaching know-how in different disciplines which in some fields can only be accomplished with long practical experience. Every PCB production has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Different specialization, machines and distinct processes of each PCB production demands awareness of each company´s capabilities and competitiveness. For the sourcing department, engineers or private persons, these circumstances can require a huge effort in identifying suitable partners for each PCB production. LeitOn has its own hich-tech PCG production in Berlin, Germany, while maintaining an sustainable network of suppliers for your a PCB production in Asie to meet your demands. Our network of different PCB manufacturers with different competitive advantages is the base for your optimal production. Depending on technology, quantity, and lead time we will have the most suitable partner for you.

We optimize your purchasing price and your quality. Send your enquiry and give us the chance to provide you with our PCB production services. Dependability, speed, fairness, quality and service are your advantages with LeitOn. Try our industrial PCB production and our online calculation.

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