LeitOn-Team - your contacts

LeitOn-Team - your contacts

Below you can find our team members at LeitOn GmbH in Berlin, Germany - each with an individual service statement.

You may contact any member by using above email or phone number. You will then be forwarded to the desired person.

Berlin - printed circuit board production

  • Christoph Kendler

    Christoph Kendler

    Managing Director

    "True strength comes from the inside. A strong organized and optimized back-office allows us more time for your individual requirements. It is my job to continuously optimize processes so that there is more valuable time to serve your needs."

  • Daniel Hartmann

    Dipl. Kfm. Daniel Hartmann

    Sales Manager

    "Finding individual solutions, catered to your needs and requirements without ever forgetting our personal relationship - this is what I am standing for. Flexibility and know-how allow us to customize solutions for you. You are in the centre of our attention and we regard us as being part of your team. You can 100% rely on us!"

  • Mario Gehrau

    Mario Gehrau

    Technology Manager

    "The complexity and correlation of printed circuit production processes have always fascinated me. PCB manufacturing never gets boring. Over the years, systematic analysis and manufacturing process optimization have become my passion. I analyze, test, optimimize, document and implement complex processes into production - until your PCBs reach the highest level of quality!"

  • Marco Scholz

    Marco Scholz

    Quality Management Representative (QMR)

    "Problems occur in any manufacturing company. But the problem itself is not a problem. The problems are comments like "it's always been like this" and "then we have to be more careful". Every corrective action must be a systematic one, without depending on luck. But it has to be pratically to be accepted as a solution by the production staff, too. Implementing these solutions is my job, so that your PCBs arrive on time and in best quality."

  • Nicole Hanisch

    Nicole Hanisch


    "I always make time for your enquiries and requests. You can rely on my know-how and fast response to your questions, for technical or organizational questions alike."

  • Sascha Kappel

    Sascha Kappel

    Technical Sales

    "Your advantage is my passion for complex printed circuits. Together we can discuss high-layer multilayers, rigid-flex, special materials, embedded technology and much more. I analyze feasibility and come up with solutions to optimize your price. With complex PCB enquiries, I am your contact."

  • Holger Flack

    Holger Flack


    "Years of experince as a component broker allow me to look beyong the PCB and understand your requirements better. We can discuss assembly projects just as normal PCB production. I am eager to consult you "all around" printed circuit boards."

  • Saskia Samide

    Saskia Samide

    Order Acceptance

    "Our commitment just begins where other's service already ends. We are there for your individual needs, starting from complex PCBs, special shipment or packing arrangements to the latest dining recommendations in Berlin."

  • Julian Schmidt

    Julian Schmidt


    „As a micro-technologist with detailed experience in the PCB production on the shop-floor, I know what is important for high-quality products. As a CAM-technician I am getting the best out of your layout right from the start.”

  • Jörn Baumann

    Jörn Baumann


    „Extensive experience in CAM-PCB-high-tech makes me your contact for rigid-flex, SBU and impedance controlled printed circuits. This is never getting boring.”

  • Dr. Andreas Mertgen

    Dr. Andreas Mertgen

    Software Programming

    "Developing software that enhances productivity by automation is one of the most satisfying jobs I can imagine: when suddenly a range of manual steps are all put into a program and just works at a click - faster, more reliable and with obvious delight of the user. Then I know I have done a good job. Here at LeitOn I have a complex range of responsibilities. Online calculations, production planning systems and machine automation offer never ending excitement to me."

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