A variation of normal rigid-flexible printed circuits

Starrflex Leiterplatte

is the "pure-FR4-rigid-flex". Here we ahve a standard rigid-flex with the same manufacturing process, except that the flexible part is replaced by a very thin FR4 core. This PCB is then still flexible enough for installations and performs better than semi-flex in this regard. This "pure-FR4-rigid-flex" allows smaller bending radius than semi-flex PCBs.

What are the advantages of pure-FR4-rigid-flex?

The big advantage compared to standard rigid-flex PCBs is the absence of Polyimide. This means that the whole board has a far lesser hygroscopic (absorbs less humidity) tendency, which is critical for some applications. Although the manufacturing process is almost identical to standard rigid-flexible boards, they are also slighty cheaper. This is due to the fact that pure FR4 stack-ups are easier to laminate than hybrid-stack-ups.

Roughly the following characteristics apply:

dynamic bending performanceflex-to-install bending performancecosts
semi-flex none fair $
pure-FR4-rigid-flex none good $$$$
rigid-flex good very good $$$$$

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