Circuit boards

Circuit boards

On the one hand our PCBs ensure electric connections between components are established. On the other hand circuit boards are often a physical carrier of high quality components. As your circuit board supplier for up to 24-layer multilayers this is where our reponsibility in quality assurance lies.

The circuit board details may strongly vary. As your supplier of highly complex quality circuit boards, LeitOn offers you the following options:

  • Sizes up to 1200x500mm
  • Thickness from 0.10mm flex mm to 4,3mm
  • FR4 standard material
  • Special material RO4003C, RO4350B and other HF materials
  • Black and blue basic material
  • Solder maks in special colors
  • Silk print in special colors
  • Sepcial surfuace (immersion nickel-gold, hard gold, immersion tin, HAL lead-free, immersion silver, OSP etc.)
  • RoHS-WEEE conform materials
  • Unlimited drilling of up to a minimum of 0,3mm final diameter
  • Trough hole plated routing
  • Inner routing of up to 0,7mm diameter
  • Gap usage v-cut panel
  • Panell setup of PCB
  • Stencil data and solder mold
  • Design Rules Check (DRC) inclusive
  • Express service starting at 4 hours!
  • Thick copper PCBs (for high current applications)
  • Circuit boards with aluminum core(for optimal heat transmission)

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